CURRICULUM VITAE: Amanda Credaro, J.P.

B.Sc., M.App.Sci., M.Ed.
Based in Sydney, Australia

Education History
Employment History
Achievements 2000 to 2003
Pro Bono Work
Recent Presentations Delivered
Awards and Nominations
Recent (Print) Publishing History
Samples of Websites Constructed
Samples of Instructional Use of My Work
International Recognition of Major Publication, Warrior Librarian Weekly





Lithgow High School 1968-1973 Higher School Certificate
University of Sydney 1974-1977 B.Sc.(Double Major in Geology)
University of Sydney 1978 Grad. Dip. Education (Secondary Science)
Charles Sturt University 1997-2000 (part time) M. Ed. (I.T. in Education)
Charles Sturt University 1999 (full time study) M.Applied Science (Teacher Librarianship)

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Mining Industry 1979-1985
  • Penarroya (1979-81)
    Administrative Geologist
  • Amax (1981-83)
  • Australian Diatomite Mining (1983-85)
    Chief Geologist
NSW Dept. of Education 1985-1998
Science Teacher:
  • Riverstone High School (1985-91)
  • Shoalhaven High School (1992-96)
  • Rooty Hill High School (1997-98)
*** 1999 Full-time study; Charles Sturt University,
Masters Degree
Parramatta Catholic Education Office 2000 Teacher Librarian:
Christ Catholic College - Loyola (Senior) Campus
NSW Dept. of Education 2001-2003 Teacher Librarian
NSW Dept. of Education 2003-2006
  • Term 1 & 2 - Project Officer, HSC-Online
  • 2003: Term 3, 2003 to July 2006 - Project Officer, Center for Learning Innovation, OTEN, NSW Department of Education.
  • July 2006 to January 2007: Quality Assurance Officer, Learning Design and Resource Development (LDRD), Schools Sector. Learning Resource Repository - LDRD Liaison Officer. Teaching and Learning Exchange (TaLe)-LDRD Liaison Officer. Centre for Learning Innovation, NSW Department of Education.
NSW Dept. of Education January 2007 to present Teacher Librarian (Currently at Pendle Hill High School)

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Click here to read the Record of Achievements as a Teacher Librarian, 2000 to 2002.

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"Information Specialist" Virtual Reference Desk Sample Answer (US Department of Education)
Database Creator and Administrator Australian Relief and Casual School Library Staff
Editor Open Directory Project
  • Reference: Knowledge Management: Organisations
  • Science: Educational Resources
Computer Tutor Computer Pals (Seniors Online)

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Presentation: The Lighter Side of Librarianship October 2, 2008 New York Public Library,
Staff Development Program.
Presentation: Bridging the gap: The transition from school to academic library. November 14, 2007 Librarians of Macquarie University Library.
Macquarie University Library, Sydney.
Keynote: This is serious: Stress management for Library Folk April 1-2, 2007 Australasian Librarians in Emergency Services,
"Mapping knowledge: Where in the world are we?" Conference
Emergency Management Australia (EMA) Conference Centre, Mt Macedon, Victoria.
Keynote: Warrior Librarianship and you
Workshop 1: Introduction to Webquests
Workshop 2: Psychology of school library use
May 19-20, 2005 Catholic Primary Teacher Librarians' Association
"Rock of Ages" Conference
Brighton-le-Sands, NSW.
Workshop: The guide is learning - Library user actions and interactions October 22, 2004 Australian School Library Association (NSW Branch)
State Conference "The Tide is Turning"
Parramatta, NSW
Keynote: Warrior Librarianship: Is there any correlation with real life? June, 2004 School Library Association of Queensland
Annual Conference "Flagging the Future"
Gold Coast, Queensland
Workshop: Quick and easy webquests March 2, 2004 Combined Districts Teacher Librarians'
Network (Mt Druitt-Blacktown-Penrith)
  • Keynote Address: Ozzie Kids @ the School Library
  • Workshop 1: This is Serious: Theraputic Humor for LMS.
  • Workshop 2: 10 Steps to a Successful School Library.
October 1 - 4, 2003 Minesotta Educational Media Organization (MEM0)
Annual Conference "Celebrating the Challenge"
Fargo, North Dakota, USA
Workshop: Affective Domain Issues for Library Professionals October 25, 2002 Australian School Library Association (NSW Branch) state conference, Wollongong.
Workshop: Deep Web Searching July, 2001 Teaching Staff:
Richmond High School
Demonstration: End Processing:
Latest Techology
June, 2001 Combined Districts Teacher Librarians'
Network (Mt Druitt-Blacktown-Penrith)
Workshop: MacquarieNet- Online database usage March, 2001 Teaching Staff, Richmond High School
Presentation: The Role of the Teacher Librarian February, 2001 Executive Staff, Richmond High School
Workshop: Online Databases - Value for Money? May, 2000 Parramatta CEO Secondary Teacher Librarians
Demonstration: Online Conferencing - An Alternative to Traditional Professional Development September, 2000 Parramatta CEO Secondary Teacher Librarians Network
Workshop: Interactive Worksheets for Teachers December, 2000 School Staff, Loyola Campus,
Christ Catholic College
Workshop: Effective Internet Search Strategies December, 2000 School Staff, Loyola Campus,
Christ Catholic College

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2002: Nominated for "Shared Learning Award" Global SchoolNet Foundation This award "recognises current K-12 classroom teachers, media specialists, and other school-based educators who have distinguished themselves in the area of online shared learning." Click here to read testimonials.
2001: Winner of "Golden Web Award" International Association of Web Masters and Designers This award "is presented to those sites whose web design, originality and content have achieved levels of excellence deserving of recognition."

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February 2008: Is Funding the Question or the Answer?. Directions in Education (ACEL) 17 (2) page 1. Submitted by invitation.

June 2007: Horses for Courses (Joint use libraries). Directions in Education (ACEL) 16 (10) pp 1-2. Submitted by invitation.

January 2007: The global copyright shell game. Editorial Eye 30 (1) pp 1-6.

May, 2006: Librarians on the edge: Warrior Librarian. Incite (ALIA) 27, pp 20-21. Interview via email.

April, 2006: Politically correct library terms. Connections (Curriculum Corporation) 57, p 13. Reprinted with permission from WLW website.

Jan-Feb 2006: The 2006 librarian’s astrology guide. The Source (State Library of Victoria) 23, p 7. Reprinted with permission from WLW website.

January, 2005: A library secret Library Media Connection 23:4, p 43.

December, 2004: Losing the plot: Workplace stress in Australian school libraries. Access. 18:4, pp 17-22.

November, 2004: Language, literacy & lunacy. Directions in Education. 13:21, p1.

November 2004: Walking through the Valley of the Shadow of Happy Talk: Beyond the standard book review. Library Media Connection. 43:3, p51.

August, 2004: Balancing the books. Directions in Education (newsletter of the Australian Council of Educational Leaders) 13:14, pp 2-3.

August, 2004: Haunted, taunted but undaunted: Educational technology in practice. Principal Matters. pp 34-36.

June, 2004: Politically Correct Library Terms for the 21st Century. Teacher & Librarian 154, p17.

May, 2004: Recruiting Staff for Innovative Change. Principal Matters 59, May, 2004, pp 39-40.

April, 2004:Global Literacy in the 21st Century.Editorial Eye 27 (4), pp 1-4.

January, 2004:Books and Editing for the 21st Century. Editorial Eye, 27 (1), pp 1-4.

August, 2003: Management Models. The Real Sheet. (Newsletter of the Boston Public Library's Professional Staff Association.)

July, 2003: How to have a successful meeting. In Brief. (Quarterly journal of the International Association of Legal Secretaries.)V25, pp 25-26.

June, 2003: Authors: The verso side of the writing profession. U*N*A*B*A*S*H*E*D* Librarian. 127. pp19-20.

June, 2003:Reprint (with permission) of Genesis of an Electronic Journal. Minnesotta Media, V23, pp 16-19.

May, 2003: Warrior Librarian Weekly: The Genesis of an Electronic Journal. Shy Librarian (ISSN: 1542-5495; Circulation = 11,000 public libraries in USA), Summer 2003 3(2). pp 6-8 plus Back Cover.

May, 2003: Libraries: Gardens for the Intellect. U*N*A*B*A*S*H*E*D* Librarian 126. pp14-15.

April, 2003: Authentic Assessment for Computer Coordinators Accepted for publication by Information Transfer (Journal of the NSW Computers in Education Group)

March, 2003: Biblia’s Guide to Warrior Librarianship. (monograph, 160 pages) ISBN 1-59158-002-1

March, 2003: Modelling Reading for Pleasure: Some Alternative Approaches. Library Media Connection 21 (6), pp 28-29.

February, 2003: Evaluating Library Assessors. Library Media Connection 21(5) pp 45-46.

January, 2003: Guide To Children’s Literature: Recommended Titles For Socially Responsible Libraries. The Unabashed Librarian 125, pp 5-6. Reprinted with permission.

January, 2003: Teen Reads: It’s all in the packaging. Library Media Connection 21(4) p30.

December, 2002: Guide to Children’s Literature: Recommended titles for socially responsible Libraries. Teacher and Librarian 148 pp 24-25.

November, 2002: Computer Error Messages: Omissions and Additions. American Libraries 33(10) p 36. (Journal of the American Library Association)

November, 2002: School Library Websites: More than Clix and Pix? Orana 38(3), pp 20 - .21

November, 2002: Now we’ve got the Internet, why do we still need school libraries? Principal Matters (Journal of the Australian Secondary Principals’ Association) Issue 53, pp 35 – 36.

October, 2002. The Evolution of Educational Technology. Information Transfer 22(3) pp 8 – 12.

October 2002. Preventing Plagiarism: The parity between Print and Digital. The Editorial Eye 25(10). [Cover Story] pp 1 – 4.

September 2002: Ghosts of Technology Past. (Reprinted by permission) Teacher & Librarian 147. pp 15 – 17.

July 2002: Libraries 101. The Unabashed Librarian ISSN 0049-514X. Issue 123 (2002). pp 17-18.

June 2002: Using Technology to Counter Plagiarism in the Digital Environment: Discouraging “Cut and Paste” Paradigms. Information Transfer (Journal of the NSW Computers in Education Group) ISSN 0813-4871 22(2), pp 8-11.

May 2002: Fictional Titles. The Book Report 21(1), pp 36-37. ISSN 0731-4388

May 2002: Dear Biblia: Advice for Practicing Librarians. The Shy Librarian 2(2).

March 2002: A Day in the Life of Amanda Credaro. Teacher & Librarian 145. pp 17-19.

December 2001: Abrada Cadastre: Political Awareness of the Role of School Libraries in Education. Orana (Journal of the Australian Library and Information Association, School Library Branch) 37(3). pp 8-9.

November 2001: Biblia. School Library Journal November 2001. p. 26.

March 2001: Double Jeopardy: Censorship in School Libraries. Orana (Journal of the Australian Library Association, School Libraries Division), 37(1), pp 4-8.

December 2000: Seeking a Classical Symbol for Contemporary Teacher Librarianship. Teacher and Librarian (Journal of the Australian School Library Association, NSW Branch) No: 140, (Special Edition) pp 74-76

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EdDirect Online Leadership Conference
Community Service Australian Casual and Relief
School Library Staff Database
Christ Catholic College Library Website
Greystanes High School Library Page Library Website
Dr R.J. Dubow Online C.V.
Information Literacy Online Year 7 Program
Sydney Independent Catholic Colleges: Rugby League News Sport Information
Global Library Community
Warrior Librarian Weekly

Awarded a Golden Web Award by the
International Association of Web Masters and Designers.

Click here for sample list of organisations that link to this website.
  • UNESCO Libraries: Featured Website of the Month (October, 2002)
  • USA Today: Hot Site of the Day (November 19, 2002)
  • Library Juice: Homepage of the Week (April 20, 2002)
  • School Library Journal Online: Website of the Week (March, 2002)
  • School Library Journal: Website of the Month (January, 2001)

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Samples of Instructional Use of My Work



South Carolina Department of Education Collection Evaluation for School Libraries.
Murray State University (Kentucky, USA) College of Education, Course 610: Collection Management.
Iowa State University Careers in Academic & Science Librarianship.
Slippery Rock University (Pennsylvania, USA) Library Reading Room.
Oklahoma State University College of Education: Library Media Tools
University of North Carolina School of Information and Library Science: Course INLS843.
California State University (LA) Goals of User-Interface Design (part of PowerPoint Presentation).

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