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Created and Maintained by: A.B. Credaro

March 30, 2002


Yeah, yeah....everyone wants Harry Potter activities. So the Warrior Librarian had a look around the 'net and found some of the usual, predictable, boring worksheets, online games, interviews with the author, etc, etc. Yawn.

So here's some "special" activities for those who want to think outside of the box...or book...

Magic Potions: Take one toad, and one library administrator. Put toad in admin office, and lock administrator in storeroom for 6 months. Watch how much more smoothly everything runs in the library. Sadly, the toad will probably die during the period of this activity, and will be greatly missed.

Hogwarts Librarian: Write a job description for this position. Then write a job description for your position. Compare the two. Ask why it is that the Hogwarts Librarian does not appear in the book first book or the (first) film. Is this related to funding? Maybe the books magically put themselves back on shelves, just like they do in our own libraries?

Find a word: Using a thesaurus, look up synonyms of library. Using either grid paper or appropriate software, place the letters of the words up, down, diagonally or in any direction. Print these off and hand them around. Ask that ONLY those words pertaining to where you work are identified. You'll be able to reuse these sheets multiple times, as none will accurately describe your hovel full of mouldy books.

Witches and Wizards: Role-playing game. Assign roles of librarians and administrators, make paper budget dollars, and watch the fun begin!

Mix and Match: Borrow all the Harry Potter books from adjoining libraries. Cut off the barcodes, and attach them to some of your culls, then send back your junk books with the original barcodes. Keep the HP books for your own library (attaching your own barcodes of course), and watch your circulation rates go up. You'll be the only one in your area that has HP. This activity could be slightly illegal, and should only be attempted by librarians with relatives in high places on the police force.

Read the Parody: Barry Trotter and the Unauthorised Parody is rated PG13. (This book, and the Barry Trotter website, is not affiliated with JK Rowling, Scholastic Books, Warner Bros., or anyone associated with the "Harry Potter" series. It is not endorsed by any of the aforementioned parties.) Now, write your own parody, and enjoy all the subsequent legal action.

Oh, you wanted to know where the other ones were? OK, far be it for me to withhold information... 
Harry Potter Games.
Flash required.  Includes Azkaban Quiz, Dobby’s Quiz, and Hurling Hex game.
Wizard’s Challenge.
From Scholastic website.  Answer questions submitted by other site 
visitors, and also leave your own questions. 
Harry Potter Fans Games.
Includes a number of word searches, jigsaw puzzle, sorting hat, 
and spellmaker.
Potter Quiz Not accessed as unavailable due to heavy network traffic. 
(Geocities site)
Quiddich Game
From Warner Bros.  Requires Flash player.  Arcade-style game, and 
little repetitive, but a fun for a short while.
Triwizard Tournament.
Offers an online competition.  Rules are on the site.  As at Feb 26, 
the site is still under construction.  May be worth revisiting later.
Hogwarts Virtual Library.
Contains multiple activities such as creating a Potter 
website, cloaks, crests, etc.
Java based image jumbles to sort out.  Based on book covers, 
shields, and other potterisms. Minor diversion value only.
Lesson Plans
From a variety of educators, using HP to incorporate learning outcomes.
A very worthwhile selection of non-digital activities for
places on the wrong side of the digital divide.

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