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A.B. Credaro
Updated June 16, 2002.


The Advice Column

Dear Biblia,

What is the correct protocol for providing library services? Should I attend to staff before students, or serve in order of request?

Ms Manners

Dear Ms Manners,

It very much depends on the identity of the patrons. If it is a teacher who has been supportive in the past, and a student who has proved troublesome, the answer is obvious. However, if the descriptions are reversed, fein a nausea attack and run to the powder room. They will go away if you stay in there for long enough.

Dear Biblia,

I open the school library for an hour before school, an hour after school, am open every recess and lunchtime, as well as right through the day. And yet when I want to close for 2 weeks for stocktake, everyone complains. Is there some way I can address this issue?

Tired and Confused

Dear Tired and Confused,

You have only yourself to blame. You've provided an excellent service, which your school cannot do without, and its quite rightly recognised that the loss of 2 weeks access is a serious concern.

I would recommend that you adjust your operations to prepare your school for this loss. In Term 1, shut the library completely for one day each week. In Term 2, close for one week each month. By Term 3, they'll be surprised that the library is open at all - so allocate one hour each day when access will be provided (eg 3am to 4am). By Term 4, you can do as you please, including stocktake.

Dear Biblia,

I've been trying to get an appointment with my supervisor for weeks, to discuss some issues within our school library. He's always busy or out of his office. How can I get him to give me an appointment?

Fobbed Off

This is an automated reply. The recipient is unavailable at this time, but will get back to you soon.

The above is an authorised extract from the book
Warrior Librarian Gold Edition

Dear Biblia, the advice column, is now a regular feature in the Shy Librarian. Librarians and L_Users are invited to submit their problems, queries, and comments to .

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