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Created and Maintained by: A.B. Credaro
Updated October 7, 2001

AUTHENTIC ASSESSMENT School Librarianship Exam


Task 1: Explain how you would amuse 478 small, wet children for 57 minutes, on a rainy lunchtime, in a school library built to seat 60. The only equipment you are allowed to use is one pair of scissors, some stickytape, and a fire extinguisher. You must include the educational outcome, a proforma for self-assessment, and your Medicare number.

Task 2: Your principal has instructed you to improve library usage rates amongst the maths classes at your school within the next 2 weeks. You will not be given any additional funding for any initiatives you create, nor extra hours of clerical support. Draft a brief memorandum to your principal, expressing your views on his expectations. Use Harvard referencing style.

Task 3: Create a poster that explains how senior students can have fun in the library. You are not permitted to use, or refer to: walkmans, the sports section of newspapers, or computers. Use recycled materials for your poster.

Task 4: An irate parent confronts you with a complaint regarding being charged for a lost book, and pulls a knife on you. Outline the strategy you would use to get this parent to volunteer to cover books for the library.

A.B. Credaro©2001
Authorised Extract from the book
Warrior Librarian Gold Edition

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