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Created and Maintained by
A.B. Credaro
November 4, 2001

First there was the Disney Channel,
then the History Channel, and now...


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6.30am Librarian Rage
Savagery, slander and innuendo, with a nice cappacino. (PG)

7.30am Biography: Melville Dewey
(Historical) Profile of the genius, which is as full of contradictions as the man himself. Quietly unassuming; a renowned cataloger; and he was a gloomy failure at romance. (PG)

8.30am The Wrath Of God: Cataloging
(TrueStory) Beneath a library's scenic facade lies one of nature's most damning furies. (PG)

9.30am Crown & Country: London's Libraries - Whitehall to Buckingham
Where are the photocopiers? (G)

10.00am Ancient Mysteries: Miraculous Libraries Of Venice (Historical) Of all the world's greatest cities, none defies nature and logic like Venice. This jewel of the western civilisation, built on the water, stands bravely against time and tide, weathering the floods that have threatened its existence. How do they stop the books getting mouldy? (PG)

11.00am History's Greatest Blunders: Battle of the Bulge (Lifestyle) Is the Twentieth Century the only century in which Librarians battle with their waistline? (PG)

11.30am Modern Marvels: Salt Mines
Looks like my turn to shelve.


12.30pm Biography: Biblia
(Historical) Profile of the genius, which is as full of contradictions as the woman herself. She dresses like a pauper - because of librarian's salaries; a renowned web designer; is she a gloomy failure at romance? (PG)

1.30pm In Search Of History: Theatre Of Blood
Historical. In 1642, British theatre was wiped off the face of the earth. Were librarians to blame?(PG)

2.30pm Information Science : Library Conferences
Not what the general public thinks. (PG)

3.30pm Biography : Lipstick Librarians
Historical. Profile of geniuses, full of contradictions; are they failures at romance? (PG)

4.30pm The Grand Tour Africa The Grand Safari
(Travel) Explores the mystique of the dark continent: Africa, throughout the ages, and the wealthy men of Europe and America who travelled there in search of libraries. (PG)

5.30pm Crown & Country: Libraries
Presents an Insiders Guide to England featuring famous landmarks such as the National Library. Narrated by Prince Edward of Wessex (G)


6.00pm Secrets Of The Aztec Empire
(Historical) In the 1970s, workers digging a ditch in Mexico City unearthed a stone decorated in relief--that discovery led to bigger finds including the Great Library of Tenochtitlan. Join archaeologists as they shed new light on the Aztecs, who grew from a wandering band called the Mexica to the dominating force of pre-Columbian Mexico. (PG)

7.00pm History's Greatest Blunders The Bay of Pigs (Historical) What is safe to eat from a conference's buffet table? (PG)

7.30pm In Search Of History Asteroids
(Historical) Asteroids have been colliding with the earth since the beginning of time. The effect can be enormous - from the killing of the dinosaurs to scarring of the planet's surface. Through computer recreations and interviews with the world's foremost asteroid authorities, we explore the history of these rocks from space and future threats to libraries that they pose. Disaster Recovery of the greatest magnitude.(PG)

8.30pm Biography Che Guevara
Looks at the controversial life of the Argentinean revolutionary who was not only a medical doctor but an aide to Fidel Castro in the Cuban Revolution and active in leftist guerrilla movments in the Congo and Latin America. In 1967, while leading a guerilla action in Bolivia, he was captured and executed, without his library books being recovered.

9.30pm The Windsors: I'll be damned If I'm a fine defaulter (Historical) On the eve of the First World War King George V changed the family name to Windsor to escape overdue fines. (G)

10.30pm Librarians Rebel: On Our Way?
Are we ready for contact lenses? Which hair styles are non-bunnish? Dare to be different without resorting to lycra! (PG)

11.30pm Biography : President Bush
The man might be a fine leader for contemporary America, but what do we know about his borrowing record? His reading habits? How effectively does he use information?


12.30am The Grand Tour : New Zealand
(Travel) Explores the mystique of the dark continent: Are there really libraries for sheep?(PG)

1.30am Crown & Country: Buckingham Palace WCs Presents an Insiders Guide to royal ablution facilities. What reading material is provided for visitors? Narrated by Prince Edward of Wessex (G)

2.00am Secrets Of The Wombat Empire
(Historical) In the 1960s, workers digging a ditch near Brisbane unearthed a chewed rock -- that discovery led to a new theory on the marsupial's poor eyesight. Join paleontologists as they shed new light on Australian macrofauna, and their ancient attempt to subvert library administration for their own evil gains.(PG)

3.00am Movie Time(Entertainment)
The Mummy. See a librarian portrayed in a movie as a strong, intelligent and attractive adventurer. (PG)

5.30am Movie 2(Entertainment)
The Mummy Returns. See a librarian protrayed in a movie as a wife and mother, who is intelligent, attractive, strong and adventureous.(PG)
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