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Created and Maintained by: A.B. Credaro
Updated November 24, 2001


alt.replacepage Post a request for a copy of a page that has been torn out of a book. Usually the last page of a thriller, or the Einstein page of an encyclopedia.
biz.publisherfliers Can't find that one flier for a book you actually wanted, which arrived with the 2,357 pieces of junk mail for books you didn't want? Someone is bound to have kept it.
comp.complicatedstuff Have a minor technical problem? Post to a simple question to the list, and receive an unending stream of responses you can't understand.
daemon.mailproblems Does Daemon keep returning your email to you? Give him a piece of your mind about his service, and receive yet another automated reply. This will prove how stupid he really is.
global.library.archives Access the complete set of postings from all the library lists on the planet. Takes 19 hours to complete downloading of current day's archives. Don't forget to hit the reload button regularly to get the latest messages.
info.bleedingobvious Broad spectrum of subscribers, from the raw novice to highly experienced. Newbies ask simple questions, and libgeeks get to shatter fragile sensibilities with pompous replies.
k12.schoollibrarian At the end of the usual chaotic day, ask the list why you even bother trying. There is always the chance, however small, that someone has the answer. Find out what libraries are for sale in your area. New, used or reconditioned; established or embryonic. Something for every budget. Finally, a way to be in charge of your own library - by owning it.
microsoft.youboughtit.tough Complaints about Windows systems cheerfully ignored. Blue Screen of Death automatically launches on posting to this list. Promotes the benefits of chaos. Swap anecdotes of mayhem in your library, and feel less ineffectual compared to the ideals discussed in library schools courses.
reality.check Are you encumbered by grand visions of what your workplace could be? Drop a few lines in here, and you'll be brought back to earth very quickly by those who already tried it and failed.
soc.culture.librarians Discuss what makes librarians special, with other librarians. Open to non-librarians, but they don't get posting privileges...they just read it and weep. Cruel, what?!!!
warrior.librarian Pretend to have all the answers, talk tough, put on a great show of bravado, then slink quietly into work and do what you're told by people not fit to kiss your feet.

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