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Created and Maintained by
A.B. Credaro
November 24, 2001

Biblia's Recommended Books
of Library Humor

Dewey Decimal System Defeats Truman! : Library Cartoons Scott McCullar

McFarland & Company;


Scott McCullar is perhaps the Gary Larson of library humor. What Larson did to dinosaurs and cows, McCullar has done to the overlooked world of libraries. Funny, inventive cartoons abound in this book. His clear, straightforward art helps showcase his inventive comedy writing. If you've ever worked in, or even checked out a book from, a library, you'll appreciate his demented, wry outlook.

Interlibrary Loan Sharks and Seedy Roms : Cartoons from Libraryland Benita L. Epstein
Library Journal

Epstein, whose work has appeared in the Saturday Evening Post, Wilson Library Bulletin, and Punch, portrays in 114 whimsical cartoons a libraryland that is both odd yet familiar. Good for a chuckle.

Uncensored Thoughts : Pot Shots from a Public Librarian (Unseries, No 4) William Manley, Richard Lee (Illustrator)
McFarland & Company;
From Book News, Inc. , June 1, 1995

In his inimitable style, Will Manley, columnist for Booklist and American Libraries, delivers the Manley Maxims (e.g., the more committees a library has, the less efficient it is), flies by the seat of his pants, looks at library education and other aspects of the library and book world, sifts through assorted politically topical matters and generally has a jolly time of it. Fun for browsing.

Unsolicited Advice : Observations of a Public Librarian Will Manley, Gary Handman (Illustrator)
McFarland & Company
Library Journal

"...dozens of humorous answers to questions from 'concerned' librarians. ...[This] is good stuff.."

You Can Tell Your Kid Will Grow Up to Be a Librarian When..." Richard Lee.
McFarland & Company
Shhhhhhh! Happens Jud Barry
Xlibris Corporation

What's next for libraries now that books are slated for extinction? Ordinarily you'd ask a librarian, who would ordinarily recommend-of all things-a book. Maybe even this one. Except, well, once upon a time there was a succubus...

The Manley Art of Librarianship Will Manley, Richard Lee (Illustrator)
McFarland & Company;
Library Journal

" enjoyable walk through librarianship and the topics we librarians love to discuss.... Recommended"

James Thurber : A Guide to Research (Garland Reference Library of the Humanities, No 549) Robert A. Tibbetts
Out of Print

Out of print, but may be available second-hand. No review available, but anyone who knows Thurber's work will know what to expect!

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the School Library : A Treasury of Anecdotes, Quotes, and Other Happenings Larry A. Parsons
(also out of print)
Seeking further information at the time of writing
Warrior Librarian Gold Edition Amanda Credaro
Ill. Peter Lewis

To be published in 2002 by Libraries Unlimited.
A.B.Credaro(No relation)
An outrageous laugh at (and with) the library profession. The cartoons and illustrations alone make this book worth buying. New material not available from the Warrior Librarian Weekly website, together with the most popular of the web material - by popular demand. If you only buy one book this year, this is the one you should get!