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Created and Maintained by: A.B. Credaro
Updated October 7, 2001


200 M Hurdles Run from Library office to Administration office, jumping assorted bags, lunchboxes and ill-placed garbage bins. The winner is the librarian with the least number of bruises on shins.
Chalk-put Hurl small pieces of chalk in order to hit large pieces of children who are not listening to instructions in programmed lessons. The winner is judged on throwing style, degree of difficulty, and accuracy.
Clean-and-Jerk Power-lift boxes of books to bench height for processing. The winner is the librarian with the least amount back pain.
20km Walk Walk from office to Circulation Desk, back to workroom, out to shelves, back to workroom, down to Admin office, back to shelves, back to desk, and repeat 30 times. Complete one task at every checkpoint. Event must be finished in minimum time of 6 hours. The winner is the librarian who manages to complete the most amount of library administration work during the event.
Boxing Pack culled books into boxes for donation to charities. Unpack to look for missing car keys that can't be found. Repack. The winner is the librarian who uses the least amount of packing tape.
Fencing Evade questions regarding location of items that haven't been seen from before you started working in that library. Can be run in conjunction with Buck-Passing - it's so nice to have someone else to blame! The winner is judged on originality of answers, with the degree of difficulty considered.
Rowing Put books on shelves in rows. Do it again after each class. Do it again after recess and lunchtime. Repeat each day. The winner is assessed according to the originality of utterances.
Synchronised Cataloguing Teams of 4 librarians wearing plastic shower caps with flowers on their heads, and book clamps over their noses, cataloguing to classical music. Judged on fluidity of movement, degree of difficulty, and stupidity of headwear.
Wrestling Make of list of "things to do" in a given day. Wrestle with the imperative to complete those tasks against assorted unforeseeable interruptions. The winner is the librarian who manages to get the greatest number of tasks completed, whilst effectively dealing with everything else that was not on the original list.
Marathon Get into work early, boot up computers, accession, teach, consult with colleagues, miss all meal breaks, answer phone calls, stay late to finish other tasks. This event is run over 5 consecutive days, with a two day break, and repeated for 40 weeks a year minimum. The winner is everyone who manages to make it to retirement age.

Note: Males and female compete on equal terms.
Venue: Any typical school library.

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