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Who links to Biblia?


Created and Maintained by: A.B. Credaro

September 2, 2004

(There are now over 4,000 sites that have links to Warrior Librarian Weekly.
The list below is not - nor can ever can be - complete.)

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation
Featured Website: " ... provides interesting browsing, often with a humourous bent, on a range of topics ...
School of Communication, Information and Library Studies, Rutgers University (NJ) Digital Resources for SCILS Students: " ... preserving your sanity ..."
Department of Education - Tasmania "... a lot of library humor, and also some articles to think about..."
Education Network Australia (EdNA) Number #103 of 106 alphabetically-listed journals. But the metadata link makes fascinating reading.

Association of Independent School Librarians "... those of us who have always suspected Australians laugh more than Americans do will discover why."
Australian School Library Association (NSW Branch) Links: Journals
Thames Valley Teacher-Librarian Association (Canada) Hot Site of the Month
Associazione Italiana Biblioteche Google translation:"...several amenities..."
ASLA: Western Australia "..Enjoy!"
Dallas (TX) Association of Law Libraries Links by Legal Topic F-L
LM_net Archives "I'd hate for anyone to miss this great list of books"
Vancouver Teacher Librarian Association "Library Desiderata"
Nebraska Library Commission "Librarian's Stressbusters"
International Association of School Libraries ...The section on "Library Humour" has some favourites...
Anarchists Librarians' Web ...a global phenomenon... [A.B. Credaro - no relation]
Libdex ...over 17,000 public libraries indexed.... including WLW

National Library of Australia ONLINE CATALOG: click on Catalogue Search ->enter "warrior librarian weekly" (without the inverted commas)
Pandora Project ...this title is archived regularly..."
The Internet Public Library " facts..."
New Jersey State Library ..."an inspiration to school librarians everywhere..."
Michigan Electronic Library ..."online E-zine for Teacher Librarians updated weekly ..."
Ohio University Library Harry Potter Page
Neligh Public Library, NE (USA) " ... If Foster’s is Australian for beer, then Amanda Credaro is Australian for funny ... What Convention keynoter she would make!"
Palo Alto College "humor of all library sorts, from Biblia, the unrestrained librarian"
East Baton Rouge Parish School System: Librarians Humor "...thanks for a lot of laughs..."
Southwest Texas State University "Fun Links"
EBRPSS Librarians Humor Page "new"

One Umbrella Library Consultants "a wonderful site ....some very funny library stuff and editorial to make you think" Lots of links to libray [sic] humor

USA Today
Hot Site November 19, 2002
"... Librarians, those keepers of wisdom and hushers of the overexuberant, have demonstrated a cheeky spirit online. Witness Warrior Librarian ...
Sydney Morning Herald
Icon (Technology News)
"... many librarians are smarting under the clichéd misapprehension that they are all middle-aged, cardigan-wearing ladies whose main mode of verbal communication is an indignant "shooosh!"

School Media Specialist ."...rib-tickling..."
School Library Journal Website of the Month: 11/01/2001;
Website of the Week: 03/28/2002. ...this may possibly be the only website in existance devoted to *school library* humor."
Shy Librarian Regular "Dear Biblia ... the advice column"
Library Juice Home page of the Week (4:20)
Laughing Librarian School Library Virtual Tour
The Information Wave "....combines humor and advice for school librarians. The easiest way to get to the serious content is to check the "Sitemap"....
Today's Librarian ... this witty site will have the reference staff giggling behind the OPACs...."
RestStop Writers ... great resources ...
The Renagade Librarian "Fighting the war on librarian stereotypes!"
Children's Literature Resources
Summer 2001 Newsletter
"with Biblia on the job, you won't even miss Xena. A must-visit site that offers "a completely different perspective on school libraries in Australia." Very funny, very cool." "YAY! "You WILL study, you WILL read, you WILL enjoy it". Read more from Biblia"
Bibliozine "Humor from Down Under"

School Libraries on the Web ...I highly recommend the Virtual School Library Tour and Library Memoranda. There are also serious library essarys on libraries and librarianship here...(Linda Bertland)
Library Stuff - July Archives ...has had a complete make-over...I love it. (Steven Cohen)
Dr Anne Clyde's Links (University of Iceland) Australian links
Denise's Library
Humor Pathfinder
"School media specialists take note.."
Librariana ...the lighter side of librarianship..." (Liane Rae Luckman)
Alison Hunter's Homepage Use the pulldown menu for Journals
Robert Teeter's Library Anecdotes, Facetiae, Satire, Etc. Not exactly a rave recommendation, but WLW gets a brief mention near the bottom of the page
LibMary Humor "Find humor on the wonderful site of: Biblia - the Warrior Librarian "
Peter Lewis "...are some of the interesting and supportive folk I've worked with over the years. ..."

Queens College: Graduate School of Library and Information Studies Required non-book reading list.
Backwash Reviews Discussion board topic. Your chance to rate this site
"...offers stories about school libraries and librarians"
Månedens tips "...Websted der angriber rollen som skolebibliotekar fra den humoristiske synsvinkel... "
Your guess is as good as mine.
Humor bei BibliothekarInnen In German, translated by Google to "... its sides reconditioned. There is now a kind e-zine..."
You figure it out.
Actionbibliotekarien slår till! "......läser givetvis Warrior Librarian Weekly ..."
Anyone speak Swedish?
Wirtualna Polska "...w tej kategorii Katalogu Úwiatowego ..."
Sigh. Monolingualism is so limiting...

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