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Created and Maintained by
A.B. Credaro
April 16, 2002

"Check it out"

I went to the liberry
To feel the beat
Of the red hot mammas 
From just down the street.
Yo, mamma, yo mamma,
Bust down the joint
Wid yo' big hairy feet.

The triple ohs don' bleed
No sirens here, man
Just oh-oh-oh on der sign
oh-oh-oh is my kind of grunt
But when I got there
Hey man! 
Hey man!
Its just a stunt.
Dey got de GEN-ER-AL-IT-IES
Museum stuff
Pub-lish-ing duff
Hey, the 'net's here too
In the triple ohs guff.


One hundred. One hundred.
Big sign on wall shouts
One hundred.
Check it out. Check it out.
Heavy dude thinking,
Heavy. One Hundred.
Old dead dudes. Nerdsville, man.
Check it out. Check it out.
Phil-os-o-phy. Check it out.
Hey man. Hey man.
Ghosts. Weird stuff. Weird.
Wild stuff. Wild.
Check it out. One hundred. One hundred.


Two hundred. Two hundred. Two hundred.
Check it out, man. Check it out.
Bibles. Bibles. Heavy stuff. Heavy.
Two hundred. Two hundred.
Check it out. Check it out.
Hey man. Hey man.
Der brothers' get mentions. Brothers.
Soul, man, soul. 
Der liberry got soul.
Two hundred. Two hundred.
Check it out. Check it out.


Three hundred. Three hundred. Three hundred.
Social. Social. Sciences. Sciences.
Check it out. Check it out.
Social. Three hundred. Sciences. Three hundred.
Law. School. Money. Stats. Three hundred.
Get down. Get down.
Three. Social. Hundred. Science.
Get out a here. Get out a here.


Four hundred. Four hundred. Four hundred.
Feel the beat, in this cheat, stamp dem feet.
Four hundred. Four hundred.
Language, man. Language. Words. 
What's der word, man? Word. Word.
Der ol' lady say "hey! Watch der language, boy".
Bust loose, man. Bust. Loose. 
Four hundred. Words. Four hundred. Words.


Five. Hundred. Five. Hundred.
Shake it up, check it out.
Five hundred. I say five. Hundred.
Science. Goons. Math. Get down. Get down.
Biology. Chemistry. Paleontology. Gee. Me?
Get down. Get down. Five. Hundred.
Hundred. Five. Science. Five. Hundred.


Six. Hundred. Six. Hundred. Six.
Move it out, man.
Move it out, man.
Tech-nol-o-gy. Tech-nol-o-gy. 
Six. Hundred. Six. Hundred.
Drugs. Hey, ma - what's cookin'? Cookin'.
Farmin'. Buildin'. Cookin'. Cookin.
Cool, man. Move it out. Get down.
Six. Hundred. Six. Hundred.


Seven. Man, are you joshin'?
Another hundred. Seven. Count 'em.
Seven. Hundred. What's the scam?
Paintin'. Dancin'. Rappin'. Man!
Seven. Hundred. Check it out.
Check it out. Get down. Pump the jam.
Feel the heat of this great beat.
Seven Hundred. Check it out.
Check it out.


Eight. Eight. Eight-oh-oh.
Eight-oh-oh you go-go.
Check it out. Check it out.
Lit-er-ate. Yer. Lit-er-ate.Yer.
Pump the jam. Feel the heat. 
Get up. Get down. Get around.
Shake it. Shake it.
Eight. Eight. Eight. Oh-oh.


Nine. Fine. End of the Line.
Nine. Hundred. Hundred. 
Check the sign. Nine. Nine.
Not for me. Not for me.
Bustin' loose. Got to pump the jam.
It got shaken up, when I put it down.
I upchucked the jam on the liberry floor.
Now the red hot mommas don't jive wid me no more.



1. Every line may rhyme, or every second line. Or any other combination or permutation. Or not at all. Except for sometimes, when they do.

2. Jam can be pumped, but not shaken.

3. Anything can be shaken, except jam.

4. Something must bust loose, as long as it's not jam.

5. Any word longer than 2 syllables must be broken up.

6. Words longer than 7 letters do not exist, as such.

7. A number of words are mandatory: momma, jive, shake, and bust. And jam.

8. Any or all of the above rules can be ignored at any time.

9. Any person or person performing rap must have spent more money on their shoes than the rest of their wardrobe combined.

10. It is expressly forbidden to introduce any melody into a rap performance.

To correctly cite this page:
Credaro,A.B.(2002). Biblia's Dewey Rap: "Check it out". Warrior Librarian Weekly [online] [Accessed:insert date]