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August, 2001
August 25, 2002

Being a state government facility, the physical structure is on a schedule for routine maintainance. Currently the Library itself is showing some signs of wear, but there are as yet no plans to construct a new Library Resource Centre. The front door mat was replaced last year, and two of the lightbulbs will changed this year.
As the school is set in a rural area, the natural beauty of the surrounding country-side has been complimented by landscaping around the Library. Our educational administrators are well aware of the importance that aesthetics plays in encouraging Library use!
An attractive salary enables the library staff to maintain high standards of dress. This, of course, enables them to be role models for the students. By demonstrating how hard work and application to study will lead them to a highly regarded, well-paying profession, many students are now clamouring for places in tertiary library courses.
Students line up in an orderly fashion before entering the Library. This sets the tone for the rigourous research assignments that their teachers have prepared, following numerous consultations with the Teacher Librarian.
Of course, the School Library also caters to the needs of teaching staff. The airconditioning provided during the summer months is complimented by efficient central heating during colder weather.
The study facilities for students ensure a strong work ethic, resulting in students' reaching their academic potential. Pictured here is a typical unsupervised senior study session.
Borrowing of the modern resources is a feature of the Library. Not only are books and journals available, but also CD-ROMs, digital cameras, lap-top computers, and state-of-the-art equipment. Schools always purchase new technology, as soon as it is available.
Of course, like many older buildings, some school libraries experience problems with damp areas, especially during times of heavy rain. The Library staff are always prepared, having specialist equipment to deal with these problems as they arise.
Luckily, our modern school libraries feature a spacious, well-equipped workroom for repairs and preservation, as well as accessioning, maintainance, and all those little "back-room" jobs.
At the end of the year, students return all outstanding library loans. This not only ensures that the resources are ready for next year's students, but also that much time and energy are not wasted in tracing students' whereabouts to solicit the return of books.
During quiet moments in the library, the staff are able to relax in the comfortable tearoom, and enjoy some uninterrupted, quiet reflection time.

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