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Created and Maintained by
A.B. Credaro
Page Created
February 16, 2003


Library Humor Syndrome Appeal

Dear Citizen of the Internet Age,

I am contacting you as I have been told that you are an articulate, intelligent, well educated person, although I don't know you personally (but I am sure you are all of the preceding). I am not allowed to tell you which one of your friends gave me your name, but if you forward this letter onto everyone in your address book, someone is bound to own up.

I recently applied for a position as a librarian at the National Bank of Nigeria. Unfortunately their whole budget for the next two hundred years appears to have been directed into a number of foreign banks in the names of other people. I am telling you this in confidence, only to prove to you that this is a genuine letter. However, I am writing to you to appeal for your assistance in another matter.

Apparently I was born with a Sense of Humor. This condition was not diagnosed until my early adult years, but it seems to have been passed on to my three children. The genetic link is difficult to trace back to my parents or grandparents, as they may well have been telling jokes without my realising it - as a child, like everyone else in the world, I never listened to the oldies.

My condition is now being complicated by my career as a librarian. Like many other librarians with a sense of humor, we are all suffering terribly. We laugh when everyone else is being dead serious; we see humor in situations that others find stressful; we send each other jokes and cartoons; we even think that some of the things we do (and our clientele) are cause for laughter. The list is endless. At this time, there does not appear to be any treatment available for Librarians with a Sense of Humor.

Therefore, I intend to start a charity fund that will rip money off gullible people, in support of research into this little known area. So far, I have raised awareness of this serious and debilitating handicap through an online journal, Warrior Librarian Weekly, which is very much a support mechanism for sufferers of Library Humor Syndrome, and their families. I would like to invite you to 'drop in' (in a virtual sense only - the house is too untidy for visitors at the moment, and we are almost out of coffee - at least until I can get to the supermarket):

Some people will find the contents of this website disturbing. You might even discover that you yourself, or someone you know and love, is an undiagnosed sufferer of Library Humor Syndrome. While this condition is easily covered up for the majority of sufferers, librarians themselves are particularly prone to ostricization and isolation because of this condition.

When you visit the web site, you might even find some of the material offensive. Beware of graphics that show photographs of librarians in their workplace - particularly if you are not familiar with conditions in most libraries.

In order to illustrate actual cases of librarians with a Sense of Humor, it has been necessary to use real photographs. Perhaps you are in one of these? It is hoped that you will take this as a compliment and not start legal action or anything expensive that involves people with briefcases.

Please forgive my lack of spelling errors and grammatical mistakes, but English is my first language. I did try to insert some, but my spell checker kept correcting them - and I got bored with putting them back in. Hopefully this letter contains enough mistakes to give it the illusion of authenticity.

Please give generously to this unregistered fund for medical research into the serious condition of Library Humor Syndrome. Make sure that you send this letter to everyone in your address book.

I did ask Microsoft to write a program that would automatically do this, but I'm still waiting to hear back from them. You'd think 'that in this day and age' that someone would have already thought of this. It would be a great way to pass messages around the Internet! I intend to take out the patent on this idea, and use the royalties for this medical fund. So if you find out someone is using a program that automatically sends emails from the recipient's address book, please let me know so I can either sell them the patent, or go into partnership with them. Or something.

Biblia, the Warrior Librarian

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