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Biblia awarded prize!

Librarians at Christmas As 2003 draws to a close, library journals are announcing various awards for our information professionals. Although the main-stream press occasionally publicizes these awards, many go unrecognized.

Beverly Enderby was recently named Australian Teacher Librarian of the Year (which got a lot of press coverage), and Judi Jagger Tasmanian Teacher Librarian of the Year (which didn't get much). Then there was Bridget Quinn-Carey, the 2003 Times Librarian of the Year. And who knew that over in India, Dr T.A.V. Murthy, Director, INFLIBNET/UGC was presented with the 2003 Punjab National Librarian Award? Lesley Farmer won the 2003 American Association of School Librarian's Judith Pitts Award.

Awards given by the American Library Association this year included Kathleen de la Pena McCook, who received the Beta Phi Mu Award for distinguished service to education in librarianship. David A. Smith was awarded the Melvil Dewey Medal for "creative professional achievement in library management, training, cataloging, and classification, and the tools and techniques of librarianship". And not to forget the Grolier Foundation Award to Penny Markey, "for unusual contribution to the stimulation and guidance of reading by children and young people exemplifying outstanding achievement in the profession". Nor any of the other winners for 2003.

However, few if any publications seem to be aware of the fact that just last week the Warrior Librarian won the lucky door prize at the office Christmas party ...

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Australian wins Harry Potter rights

click here for newspaper report Although Australians may have a reputation for being laid-back and laconic, the megaconglomerate Time-Warner have been given a run for their (not inconsiderable) money. And lost.

Clothes manufacturer 'Wombat' have been using the Harry Potter name since 1994, but were unable to register due to the requirement that it be in use for a certain period of time. Then Time-Warner challenged the registration.

After a seven year legal battle, the courts have now ruled in favor of 'Wombat'. At this time, it appears that Channel Ten (Australian) police reporter Harry Potter (and yes, that's the name he's been using for several decades, and is on his birth certificate) appears to not have come under Time-Warner's scrutiny as yet ...

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Libraries see red (and green)

Christmas library display With most libraries preparing to close over the holiday period, it's only fitting that the final display for the year should be in keeping with the season.

Which of course means that on reopening in a few days (or weeks - except for those who are being perminantly closed due to short-sighted government allocations for funding, and completely irrational decisions based on defective judgement and/or incorrect information, or the edicts made by the obviously incompetent and/or those with other agendas), library staff will be packing away the plastic reindeer and paper holly, and dusting off their Valentine realia.

As a special Christmas bonus, WLW has written a special selection of songs just for library staff to celebrate the yuletide. Although actually first published here 12 months ago, like all good literature, they have stood the test of time. At least, so far ..

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Turning the page

reading continues to be popular Ongoing research is showing that although computer use amongst our youth is continuing to increase, there has been no corresponding decrease in the reading of more traditional formats.

It would appear to be self-evident that the children who are now spending hours surfing the net or hanging in chat rooms are the portion of the demographic that would have been unlikely to have read anything anyway.

Which of course makes the diversion of library funding away from book stock in favor of hardware even more ludicrous ...

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Tolkien research flawed

stupid boy According to New Zealand's Dominion Post, 8 year old Jake Wright thought he was dressed as Gandolf the White for the world premier of the third movie in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Although it may be politically incorrect to assume that the boy's mother had made the outfit it is likely that, at the very least, a female relative was responsible. Which is kind of interesting, as the special effects and costume design for the movie itself were a male thing - but then they probably didn't have to go into the standard screaming matches, tears, gnashing of teeth and pulling of hair that generally is associated with the frustrating and unrewarding field of Children's Fancy Dress.

As this image (plus a few million other ones) was flashed around the world at the movie's international release, one can only make a number of assumptions as to the background research that went into Jake's costume design.

Again in the realms of remote supposition, the costume design was probably based on the viewing of the preceding two movies. Which doesn't explain the sneakers, which aren't even white ...

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Searching for information SURVEY RESULTS

Subscribers to the Warrior Librarian Weekly Update Notification Service were invited to participate in a targeted survey in order to formulate some sort of editorial policy for this journal.

Incidentally, those participating in the survey went into a random draw to win an autographed wall poster for/of Bibia's Guide to Warrior Librarianship. Congratulations to Terri Lent of Hanover County School District (Library Media Services), Virginia!

Although the statistics are still being analysed (which means they're printed out and sitting in a box with all the other things we have to do in the next 4 days), early indications are that the survey respondents are pretty happy with how things are at the moment. Typically, those who had a gripe didn't bother filling it in, in case they caused offence. It's times like these when we despair of the politeness of the profession!

However, amongst the suggestions were fiction book reviews (like you don't get enough of those already?), reader's contributions (see the "contact us" link), and an extended format. One reader from New Zealand asked for more Kiwi content. Which is covered in the Tolkien article in this issue.

So now there is at least one happy WLW reader ...

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Laugh yourself comatose

 man laughing
WLW Reader

Research has shown that the average librarian will take 5-10 minutes to read this web page. Anecdotal evidence is suggesting that many librarians fear they do not have enough time to investigate the humor links. The majority of the 90+ original library humor items in the Humor Index are designed to take less than 2 minutes to read.

However, if you choose to hang around there for hours reading them all, then re-reading them, then WLW cannot take any responsibility. You now have the choice of using the genetically unmodified Alphabetical Index or the dolphin-safe Dewey Version. Caffeine-free version has been temporarily canned, pending an FDA investigation ...

Caution: Will open in new window ...


JOURNALS: Readers with an interest in book formats and editing might like to watch out for the January 2004 edition of Editorial Eye ...

CONFERENCES Biblia's next conference appearance is scheduled on June 29, 2004 for the School Library Association of Queensland. Members and friends of MEMO can click here for the report on the Fargo conference.

ACADEMIA: The November 2003 newsletter from Millikin University closes with a graphic from the WLW Computer Error Messages page. In the words of Librarian Avengers, "look it up" ...

INTERNET: For some reason, Warrior Librarian Weekly has now been listed in Steven Carr's Ultimate Guide to Education Resources.

FROM THE MAILBOX: Currently notable at the moment are the approximately 50 bulk-posted emails a day, offering solutions to eliminate spam ....

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This being the last edition for this year, myself and the Warrior Librarian Weekly editorial team (consisting solely of myself, but my Class of '73 were taught that formal writing is never in the first person singular, although first person plural was OK; so see, Mr Walters, I was listening) wish all our online readers a safe and happy season of good will.

[Note to Mr Walters: I still haven't quite finished writing out the punishment lines about the excessive use of bracketed statements, or abusing subjectives. But I'm working on it. Really.]

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Biblia, the Warrior Librarian
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NEW FOR 2004

Readers are invited to submit suggestions for Diversion of the Week, Website of the Week and other column features. Other news-worthy items are also welcomed, especially those accompanied by appropriate, copyright-free graphics.

When submitting items, please indicate if you do not wish to be identified by anything other than your initials and state/country.

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Whilst most people who have had any dealings with their legal system will already know that there is little connection between justice and the law, it's nice to know that over in Italy, the judges of the Court of Cassation intend raising the money themselves to build a new library ...

Is the new governor of California at all embarrassed by the fact that the story of the Friends of the [La Quinta] Library raising $650 to buy a set of videos makes international news?

The loyalty reward program for Singapore's library users offers a points incentive scheme to encourage library use. But we think patrons should get bonus points if they can prove that they actually read the Complete Works of Shakespeare they borrowed at the same time they checked out the whole year's collection of Mad Magazines.

The Mercury News leads with the headline (probably on page 26 in the print edition) with the question Are you tough enough to be a librarian?, following a high injury rate in the Santa Cruz area libraries ...

A funding 'injection' of $5.5 million for Canada's Montreal libraries sounds like a good deal, except it only just covers the 2002 expenditure. And up until 2001, they got $7.9 million ...

The politicians of Ghana have condemned their public libraries as a "national disgrace". Mr Kosi Kedem (NDC-Hohoe South) noted that they do not have enough librarians to run the system as the majority of them had left due to "poor working conditions". Welcome to the 21st Century, Ghana ...

With the festive season now upon us, the article reported in the UK Telegraph on the public administration of libraries and their policies to promote 'peace and harmony' in ethnically diverse areas could have been written by the Marx Brothers ...

Meanwhile, in the British school library sector, advocacy has been stepped up a notch with advocates breakfasting with the Commissioner for London Schools. They then presented him with a booklet in which he is quoted as saying "My vision of learning for children and young people in the future has the library, in all its forms, at its heart" ...

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While much publicity has been given to the research on the effect of effective school library programs on students' academic performance, public libraries seeking support for their funding claims might be interested in the research findings on the link between libraries and adult literacy.

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We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark. The real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.



Who knows what sort of sick mind could conceive the Spam Archive, which offers you 1.3 Gb of spam to download and read at your leisure ....

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For those high-stress times when words fail you, you could do worse than visit the Curse Engine website ...

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