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Mid August 2004: Issue 189

Continuing peace celebrated

Signing Peace Treaty Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina: Although some years may have passed since the Balkan presidents signed the peace treaty in Dayton, Ohio, it has never become fully clear why that location was chosen. Maybe it was the cheap bulk rates on accommodation, or the availability of air carrier seating. Some things we will never know. And there are other things we just don't care about.

But as information professionals, we should never forget those important issues in libraries that we have to prioritize, formulate strategies to address, assess both the stated and incidental outcomes, and write reports about. Then forget. Whether or not we cared about them in the first place. So it's not surprising that no one is interested in the reasoning for a Balkans treaty signing to be held in Dayton Ohio back in 1995.

sasaHowever, one person may hold the key to this mystery. When Sasa Madacki, Head Librarian, Human Rights Centre Library University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina presented his paper From Dusty Storage to Library "Without Walls: Librarian in Wonderland" at ALA 2002, there was probably little chance that he knew of the existence of Warrior Librarianship. Although he might have. He probably also knows why Dayton Ohio was chosen, but has also been mute on that topic.

Madacki, who is also the editor of Jutarnji Bibliotekar, has since become acquainted with Warrior Librarianship, even if doesn't speak on the Ohio treaty location decision. He recently announced that "WLW will be presented in Jutarnji Bibliotekar (=Morning Librarian) magazine (ISSN 1840-0000) which is published in Bosnian language. The webzine presentation will appear in Vol 1 No 4(August 2004) at http://www.infohouse.ba in rubric (column) BIBLIOTHECARIUS ANTE PORTAS which serve as arena for presentation of good initiatives from 'non-traditional sector' of librarianship" ...

Not quite the same as getting the Nobel Peace Prize, but it does come from a Human Rights Center ...

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International Cookware-on-Head Library Day

Janet Sydney, NSW: Those cynics who thought that this global effort to demonstrate that library staff DO have a sense of humor will undoubtedly now be eating 'humble pie'.

Despite earlier suggestions that there would be very few libraries participating, the WLW mailbox has been completely flooded with photographs of library folk donning the odd piece of kitchenware. Perhaps the WLW mailbox is a little limited in storage space.

Although the bean counters may not consider that three entries are statistically valid, especially considering the millions of libraries around the world, they have yet to provide any evidence of success of an alternative event. Yeah, so just put up or shut up, OK. And get a haircut. And polish your shoes. And when was the last time you cleaned your bedroom? Do you need to be reminded that it was your turn to take out the trash? And don't use that tone with your mother. Now look what you made me write!

The entries are now online, and viewable by clicking here. Readers should not hesitate to submit late entries. Next week WLW will announce the winner of the autographed poster competition ...

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School district found guilty

Swedesboro-Woolwich Board of Education Trenton, NJ: NJ State Commissioner of Education, William L. Librera, may need to look closely at the policies and practices of a number of school districts. Particularly in relation to school library funding.

The website of the Swedesboro-Woolwich school district contains complete lunch menus for each of its schools, but the library section only has two links (Searchasaurus and Grolier). The only apology on the website is for one day when some school buses ran late.

As if that isn't bad enough, the district's email filter system blocks the double-opt-in WLW Update notifications, claiming the content is offensive. And their technical support people don't answer email ...

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Play wows audiences

library play Times Square, NY: It was with no hesitation that the theatre company 'Faction of Fools' announced that its production of Library Play probably would not include the Blacktown Civic Center on its tour schedule, despite the information that Blacktown was the center of the cultural universe.

Written by Paul Cohen, directed by Dyana Kimball, stage management by Ry Georgia Pepper (and other people doing other theatre-type thingies), there is no information available on who is responsible for shelving the backdrop, nor if the books are available for loan. A sampling of the script includes:

Sandy, Assistant Librarian:
That's a lie. I didn't spit at anyone. Some of our patrons are . . . naturally moist.

Marjory, Head Librarian:
All biography is fiction and will one day be shelved accordingly.

Sandy, Assistant Librarian:
I told the kids if they didn't behave Clifford would have to be shot. So now I have to find a big, red carcass.

Estella, Part-Time Library Assistant:
I just think reading is really...important.

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Lessons from exhibitionists

book display Southport, Qld: The imperative to display collection parts or themed promotions does not always have to be traumatic for whoever gets the short straw. One can always learn a few tricks from booksellers or publishers who promote their wares at conferences.

Five basic rules seem to apply. Rule #1: Give something away. Stationery seems popular, particularly pens. There is no obligation to make sure the pens actually work. Rule #2: Provide something unhealthy to eat. Candy and chocolate are popular. Apples are not. Rule #3: Careful with security. Open display invites theft, but it defeats the whole purpose if the punters can't pick things up and leave grubby fingerprints. (See Rule #2). Rule #4: Backdrops. Use something suitable over the table or bench. And something not too tacky behind the table or bench. This might, or might not, include you. Get an independent assessment, and do not rely on a mirror. There was another one, but it probably wasn't important.

No, wait! Rule #5 is to actually display something ....

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A humble request for books

Pakistan library

Dear Sir,

With thoughtful regard, I submit my humble entreaty that I am very engrossed about culture, civilization sociology and literature of your country. For this purpose I have been reading little bit information that include on short book lets and brochures these information have increased my interest. Specially your literature that I thoroughly read on the internet that really enhanced my interest and knowledge that I cannot put across my sentiment in words.

In addition, to keep this curiosity I want to read it in details, but unfortunately, due to unavailability of more internet access, I cannot fulfill my keen interest and simultaneously in our local library. These books are not available thatÂ’s why I thought to appeal if you benevolently make a contribution of some books of your legendary writer work .It would be appreciated if you kindly send me your literature .I make you sure that not only my self read it but so many other student get its benefit.

I hope you will brood over this supplication with the glance of appreciation. As well, send me literary material as soon as possible. I am fervently emphatically waiting for your positive response.

Yours truly,
Magsi Rashid Anees
My Postal Address
SHEET NO: 23, HOUSE # 44/1

>Dear Rashid,
> I am not a "sir". I am a Missus. What is the
>name of the library that does
> not provide sufficient information
>and books for your information needs. I
> will contact them directly. If you care to
>send me a picture of yourself,
> I'll see what I can do to fill your request.

Thank you so much for your kind response. It really made my day that I can not express my feeling in words. I am very sorry to think about you as m mail. So please accept my appologies. Its really great honor for me to write you agian this mail with this expectation that you will do something for me. Because in this world no body pay attention to others. But inspite of this you care off me and replied me.

Yours Faithfully,
Magsi Rashid Anees

A genuine appeal? Who knows. But we guess if you've got some weeds and there's enough left in the budget for postage ...

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corporate library An important, but often overlooked, facet of corporate librarianship is the image that is projected through publicity material - particularly graphics. This is equally true of the home libraries of information professionals and the personal library e-journal editors.

Thankfully, only one 'outsider' has ever penetrated the depths of Warrior Librarian Central. The piles of paper inter-shelved with old rotting books and various brochures from publishers, library suppliers, policy documents and other dross certainly wouldn't be suitable for display. Nor do the cardboard boxes of who-knows-what stacked around the floor enhance the ambience of the setting.

Which is why you should always have your photo taken in someone else's library ...

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Laugh yourself comatose

 man laughing
WLW Reader

Research has shown that the average librarian will take 10 to 15 minutes to read this web page. Anecdotal evidence is suggesting that many librarians fear they do not have enough time to investigate the humor links. The majority of the 90+ original library humor items (all written by Biblia, and not available anywhere else on the 'net) in the Humor Index are designed to take less than 2 minutes to read.

However, if you choose to hang around there for hours reading them all, then re-reading them, then WLW cannot take any responsibility. You now have the choice of using the genetically unmodified Alphabetical Index or the dolphin-safe Dewey Version. Caffeine-free version has been temporarily canned, pending an FDA investigation ...

Caution: Will open in new window ...


MASS MEDIA: Although Ingram Library Services Further Developments may not be a mass media publication, strictly speaking, at least they run a good story ...

CONFERENCES: Past and future appearances by A.B. Credaro
MEMO: Fall, 2003.
SLAQ: June 29/30, 2004.
ASLA NSW: 22/23 October, 2004.

ACADEMIA: There are now 51 institutions that have a link to Warrior Librarian on their web sites, including the Tasmanian Department of Education ...

INTERNET: Google now lists more than 3,000 hits for a search on the phrase "warrior librarian". Not that we check regularly or anything ...

FROM THE MAILBOX: Many thanks to all those organizations and individuals who continue to offer us cheap valium. We didn't realize that the need was so obvious ...

... ... No more to read here >>

International Cookware-on-Head Library Day has come and gone. Perhaps the fact that August 2 was also International Systems Administrators' Day may have had an effect on the number of entries? I know that if it was me faced with the choice of mucking around and having some fun, or spending 8 hours kissing the feet of some teckie who had the power of life and black-screen-of-death ... err ... gee, that's a tough call.


Biblia, the Warrior Librarian
Graphic by Peter Lewis


Language is capable of expressing more than information: it is a vehicle of the imagination and the emotions.

Don Watson ("Death sentence: The decay of public language". p23)

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Congratulations to the University of Texas for not only finding Utopia, but putting it online for the whole world to share ...

There is no more >>


Nancy Pearl, described as America's most famous librarian retires this week ...

Minneapolis was once again ranked the most literate city in the USA, according to the 2004 survey by UWW...

There's going to be some disappointed thieves when they open the safe stolen from an office in the Grinton I. Will Library branch over the weekend without triggering the alarm system. It only contained the payroll ...

France's Hachette Livre looks likely to become the second largest book publisher in the UK following its purchase of Hodder Headline, announced yesterday, according to press releases. Sure, some multimillion dollar company interaction gets media attention, but who cared when WLW released details of I.C-o_H L.D.? Oh well, their loss ...

In Wales, the Tories want the First Minister to confirm whether he intends to scrap the Arts Council, National Museums and Galleries of Wales, the National Library of Wales and the Welsh Books Council...

It's nice to see adult illiteracy getting a public airing. Although the pop-ups on the website are not helpful. Maybe there's a connection? ...

Michigan's Traverse City library has caused an upset by articulating their library rules. Apparently the citizenry are upset about the no sleeping-bathing-theft type rules ...

The Stamford Advocate seems surprised that keeping libraries open allows people to access books ...

Stereotype busting may have gone a little too far, with a Toronto Library research assistant being arrested for shooting a policeman in 1969. Seems like someone's information was a little out of date ...

Four people have already been arrested over the alleged systematic theft of $30,000 worth of valuable New Zealand books from the Christchurch Public Library. Talk about discerning readers ...

Those with an interest in library landscaping will (probably) be comforted to hear that Jon Raney of Beebe will "do" the Clinton Presidential Library ...

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August 4, 2004